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Vibgyor Pediatric & Family Dental Care are specialists that have specific training and additional education which makes them professionals in handling infant exams starting at birth.


We keep a fun and light atmosphere to our Clinic to ensure your little ones are happy and comfortable.


Vibgyor Pediatric & Family Dental Care

The state-of-the-Art clinic is designed by doctor himself keeping in mind where the child will feel comfortable and homely experience.

The “Vibgyor Pediatric & Family Dental Care” has been created with your child in mind. From watching their favorite movie during treatment, to toys in the waiting room, we have strived to create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting, positive memory.

We have handpicked staffs that are passionate about your child’s comfort and care. Our supported dentists have been educated at premier pediatric dental establishments and have committed their careers to the treatment of children.

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Our Clinic is state of the art with a fun unique feel to ensure kids feel comfortable and happy.