Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between them, modern cosmetic dentistry can give you a better smile.

Laminates And Veneers

A laminate / Veneer is a thin layer / shell made from either porcelain or composite used for esthetic improvements in cases of mild overlapping, severe discoloration and gaps between teeth.

Smile Designing

Smile designing or smile makeover deals with the remodeling of the teeth and supporting structures so as to give a complete new look to the patient.A good smile involves in it more than just healthy teeth and gums. It is a blend of symmetry, color, shape and lines that create a balanced harmonious smile.

Gummy Smile Correction

A “Gummy Smile”, where too much of gums are seen when smiling, can be recontoured/repositioned for a wider, friendlier and a more open smile by the use of cosmetic gum recontouring.


Microabrasion is the method of removing white spots on teeth and superficial enamel stains. This method removes micro layers of enamel to eliminate minor defects and spots.


Some times the gums appear brownish / blackish due to excess melanin pigmentation. In such cases the superficial layer of the gums, which contains the pigments is removed so as to make them look like normal colored gums.

Cosmetic Tooth Recontouring

One of the oldest and most conservative esthetic procedures, is cosmetic recontouring of natural teeth, where the tooth shape is altered for esthetic benefits and improved function.


How do Cosmetic Dentistry?

While traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile. In other words restorative, general and/or family dental practices address dental problems that require necessary treatment, whereas cosmetic dentistry provides elective – or desired – treatments or services.

Cosmetic treatments may also provide restorative benefits. For example, dental fillings are a common procedure used to treat decayed teeth. Previously, most dental fillings were composed primarily of gold, amalgam and other materials that left visible dark spots on the teeth.

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