Full Mouth Rehabilitation in 5years child suffering from severe early childhood caries.

This young child was treated for multiple root canals and extractions. child was reported to VIBGYOR dental clinic with pain and swelling on his lower jaw. full mouth oral examination along with digital x-ray was taken.

As considering the child cooperation level and multiple tooth decay treatment was planned in multiple sitting under laughing gas(inhalational sedation/conscious sedation).

During the treatment phase the parents were explained the cause of this multiple tooth decay and counselled for appropriate diet and oral hygiene measures to reduce caries activity in children.

Tooth coloured zirconia crowns has an best aesthetics and strength, and are also been considered as an best option in pediatric dentistry as it reduces the plaque accumulation and further tooth decay.

Multiple tooth decay, pain , discomfort interferes with child day to day activities and retards the growth and development and also makes child vulnerable to social/peer ridicule.


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