What makes Vibgyor Dental Clinic a favorite of parents and children?

When we come to think about dental procedures such as tooth extraction, root canal, cleaning, polishing, and other treatments, it literally gives us jitters and we take a lot of time to come to terms with our dental issues and the treatments to be followed for the same. We being so very petrified and scared imagine the plight our little ones and making them understand the need and necessity of the dental procedures to handling them during the entire treatment is a much bigger task. Hence, we are on a look-out for a pediatric dentist in borivali that keeps our children at utmost peace and comfort and render the results that match our expectations.

We at Vibgyor Dental Clinic are highly professional and proficient in handling the pediatric dental care right from taking care of infant exams starting from birth to young children.

So what makes Vibgyor Dental Clinic the favorite dental destination of parents and children alike?
Our state-of-the-art clinic is personally designed under the supervision of Dr. Bhavesh Rusawat making your child feel at home and comfortable to the core during the entire procedure. His quality of handling each of his patients with utmost patience, perseverance, and care makes your child feel secure and in safe hands.

Our team of support dentists and assistants come with a strong educational and professional background.
Right from the children watching their favorite movie during the entire course of the treatment to playing with toys in the waiting room; the atmosphere at our clinic is quite positive and healthy for your child.

Our team of best pediatrician in borivali comes with special training to make anxious children at the utmost ease and comfort so that the dental procedure is completed in an efficient manner. Our entire team provides tender love and care to your child making him feel relaxed and safe.

We offer a professional yearly program of preventive care to keep your teeth healthy and smile intact. The program includes professional cleaning and routine examinations with an aim to maintain your dental health.
Our facet of cosmetic dentistry gives a makeover to your smile. It is a perfect blend of healthy teeth and gums and taking care of shape, symmetry, color, and lines to bring a balanced and harmonious smile on your face.
Smiling already? Drop by at our website www.vibgyordentalclinic.in to know more details.

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