Top 6 reasons by Vibgyor Dental Clinic is the reason behind the healthy smiles of children in Mumbai

Being a parent it is our constant aim and endeavors to give the best to our children making them look and feel happier and elated day after day. And when they fall sick owing to various health or weather related issues, we get hassled and are in a dilemma till the time our little ones are totally fit and fine. Resolving medical issues such as fever, cough, and cold is in our hands as it doesn’t require our child to undergo any sort of a procedure but when there is any dental issue, we make sure that the pediatric dentist is best-in-class and highly professional in his approach and overall treatment so that our child is at complete ease and comfort during the entire procedure.


We at Vibgyor Dental Clinic are revered and regarded as the Best Dentist in Borivali since our very inception as we totally know and understand the state of mind of the child as well as the parent regarding the child’s dental issues and problems.


Following our medical aims and objectives and below mentioned reasons, our clinic is the reason behind the healthy smiles of Children all over Mumbai:


  1. We are specialists in pediatric treatments and come with a strong backing of specific training and expert education to handle children, toddlers, and infant exams starting at birth making us the most sought after Child Dentist in Mumbai.


  1. The overall environment of our clinic is quite lively and vibrant in nature as we have especially curated and designed the same from the perspective of children. We divert the attention of your little one with games, books, movies, and toys during the dental procedure making him or her feel at an absolute ease and comfort.


  1. Our team loves their dentistry work and children equally making the atmosphere fun and safe at the same time during their dental care. They take care of their special needs and unique behavioral aspects garnering us the acclamation of the best Pediatric Dentist in Mumbai Time is never a hassle for us; it is the care and comfort of your child that is our top priority.


  1. We educate your child with the importance of dental care so that visiting us for the next appointment can be fun for him/her.


  1. Our team of pediatric dentists and professionals come with 2 to 3 years of training in University Pediatric Facilities in addition to the 4 years of their college study and 4 years of dental school. It is their rich expertise, know-how, and experience that makes our clinic gain an edge making us favorite of all the parents in Borivali and all across Mumbai.


  1. We offer the range of pediatric treatments such as habit breaking, preventive orthodontics, pit and fissure sealant to prevent tooth decay, fluoride varnish, composite restoration, and pulpotomy being one stop destination for your child’s entire dental care.


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