Vibgyor Dental Clinic: the best General Dentist in Borivali offers the most sought after General Dentistry

Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, many a times we fail to take good care of our dental health. And it is because we take it for granted as its ill effects and issues crop up quite late and at times, we are so very busy with our daily routines and stringent schedules that we miss our appointments with dentist for the general dentistry treatments and resolving the related issues. Taking good care of our dental health not only makes us hygienic but also imbibes a sense of confidence within our personality with an arresting smile.


We at Vibgyor Dental Clinic are regarded as one of the finest Dental Clinics in Borivali and all over the city of Mumbai for offering the best general dentistry treatments. It is our constant and continuous endeavor to help you preserve your natural teeth and smile as long as possible with our array of amazing procedures, treatments, and services that ensure your best of oral health making you look good and feel good all through the journey of life.


Being revered as the Best Child Dentist in Mumbai, we highly vouch that general dentistry procedures should start from the childhood itself so that good oral habits are imbibed in the mind of your little ones from an early age. Right from extracting milk teeth’s to taking care of the early signs of the tooth decay, your toddler will be habituated from the start to take care of his or her dental and oral health.


Our services of general dentistry encompasses of the below procedures and treatments:


Painless Root Canal Treatment:

Hearing of root canal treatment gives us shivers, but we make it quite easy and simple for you owing to our rich experience and knowledge. The procedure involves treating the infected pulp of the tooth, eliminating the infection caused and protecting the decontamination of the tooth from the invasion of microbial invasions in the future.

Warranty Metal and Ceramic Crowns:

We implant dental crowns as per the matching color and texture of your natural teeth over the tooth that is having the problem. Usually, crowns last from 8 to 15 years, depending on the case to case basis.

Flexible Dentures:

We use the flexible dentures that are made from the much softer material than the regular dentures available in the market making us the regarded Dentist in Borivali. They are quite comfortable and makes you smile and eat in the most seamless and effortless fashion.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions:

Even this procedure can give jitters to any one of us but we make you feel at an immense level of comfort and ease whilst extracting one or more of your wisdom tooth from the back corners of your mouth.

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening:

Using active and high quality ingredients and bleaching agents such as carbamide peroxibe and hydrogen peroxide, we clean, polish, and whiten your teeth rendering that charming and arresting smile.

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